Pierre Ardouvin: Qui sème le vent? / FIAC hors les murs 2019

Pierre Ardouvin: Qui sème le vent?, 2019. Praz-Delavallade, Paris, Los Angeles; FIAC hors les murs. Paris (France), October 17, 2019.

Project info: “Pierre Ardouvin was born in 1955 in Crest, France. Since the 1990s he has cultivated an ongoing examination of the utopian vernacular of popular culture, and the fate of its ritual consumption by commercial industries and integration within identities and class struggles. He presents a work in the form of an interrogation; a large sign with metal lettering questioning passers-by: “Qui sème le vent?” [Who sows the wind?] The letters are animated by small, silvery origami folds, glimmering in the ever-present wind of the large alleys that border the Tuileries. The windmill thus becomes an object of enchantment and childhood reminiscence, referring to our own fragility and to these troubled times. Who reaps the whirlwind?”

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