Cecilie Bendixen: Tentative Spaces / FIAC hors les murs 2019

Cecilie Bendixen: Tentative Spaces, 2016-2019. Galerie Maria Wettergren, Paris; FIAC hors les murs. Paris (France), October 17, 2019.

Project info: “The textile installations Tentative Spaces UNDER / OVER, made of textile, bamboo and rope, reflect Cecilie Bendixen’s study of different architectural expressions, born from the question: What poetry is hidden within certain principles of construction? In UNDER, the carrying structures are situated underneath the textile, stretching the fabric out in all directions in order to enclose a large volume of air, creating double-curved surfaces everywhere. In OVER, the structural supports are found above the textile, allowing the fabric to move freely and an interaction with the wind. With its transparent texture and lightness, Tentative Spaces establishes a condition, a state of mind, as much as a physical space.”

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