Interview with Susan Philipsz

In the run-up to the exhibition “Resonating Spaces” at the Fondation Beyeler we had the opportunity to talk to one of the artists of the show, Susan Philipsz. Curated by Theodora Vischer, the exhibition brings together artworks by the artists Leonor Antunes, Silvia Bächli, Toba Khedoori, Susan Philipsz and Rachel Whiteread. The show presents exemplary works by these contemporary artists, works that evoke spaces between the identifiable and the elusive. In this conversation with Mirjam Baitsch, Susan Philipsz talks about the artworks she decided to present in Resonating Spaces and her work in general.

Susan Philipsz in conversation with Mirjam Baitsch. Giardini Della Biennale, Venice (Italy), May 10, 2019.

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