Twofers / Spring/Break Art Show Los Angeles

“Twofers” at Spring/Break Art Show Los Angeles 2020 is an exhibition of six stools together with six wall pieces, curated by Patrick Geske and Cody Miner. The works have been produced by six emerging artist: Laida Aguirre, Matthew Corbitt, David Eskenazi, Patrick Geske, Cody Miner, Melissa & Amanda Shin. In this video, co-curator Patrick Geske provides us with a short introduction to the show.

Twofers at Spring/Break Art Show Los Angeles, February 14, 2020.

List of works (stool / wall piece):

  • Laida Aguirre: […some parts] x [bench] / stone mat]
  • David Eskenazi: Paper Chair (Sitting) / Paper Chair (Hanging)
  • Matthew Corbitt: Wobbly Body / Wobbly Mount
  • Patrick Geske: Squat Seat / A Comfortable Place to Rest
  • Cody Miner: Slumpy Stool / Holster
  • Melissa & Amanda Shin: Handle With Care Part 1 / Handle With Care Part 2

–– Right-click (Mac: ctrl-click) this link to download Quicktime video file.

Patrick Geske is a Los Angeles-based designer, writer, and educator. He is currently design faculty at the Woodbury University School of Architecture. He also freelances, and designs small objects and furniture in his practice, As a contributor to Archinect, he writes Under the Skin, a series of long-form building reviews exploring the cultural relevance of particular buildings within the many contexts of Los Angeles. He has completed architecture projects in Los Angeles and at Sea Ranch, and has previously taught design studios at SCI-Arc.

He holds a Master of Architecture from SCI-Arc, where he was awarded the Gehry Prize for Best Graduate Thesis, and a Bachelor of Arts in English and Film Studies from Creighton University, winning the Oscar M. Macelliao Poetry Prize for a short collection of his poetry. Before entering architecture, he worked in the film industry, having directed and edited numerous short films, music videos, and commercials. In his design work, he filters interests of poetry and film through architecture, exploring the poetics of form through a range of diverse mediums and instantiations.

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