VTV Classics (r3): Wolfgang Petrick / Studio Visit (2006)

In 2006, Artfacts.Net and VernissageTV visited German artist Wolfgang Petrick in his studio in Berlin. The studio visit and conversation between Wolfgang Petrick and Artfacts.Net founder Marek Claassen not only offers an insight into the artist’s work, it is also an interesting document of the times when Petrick talks about his time in New York and Berlin. As part of our VTV Classics program, we have reworked the footage and are now releasing it in a new version.

Wolfgang Petrick was born 1939 in Berlin, Germany. Petrick was founding member of the exhibition community “Grossgoerschen 35″, Berlin, 1964. He studied at the Art Academy for Visual Art in Berlin (Hochschule für Bildende Künste, now Universität der Künste). Since 1975 Wolfgang Petrick is Professor for painting and drawing at the UdK.

This video is another film in our series of re-mastered and re-edited series of VernissageTV Classics. Our series r3 highlights the treasures of VernissageTV’s huge archive. R3 is a series of VernissageTV classics, now re-mastered, re-edited and reissued in High Definition. Here’s the complete list of videos.

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