Raven Kwok. Solo Exhibition at MuDA Museum of Digital Art Zürich

Raven Kwok is a visual artist, animator and programmer. His works have been exhibited at art and film festivals worldwide, including Ars Electronica, FILE, Resonate, FIBER and many more. In his first solo show in Europe at the Museum of Digital Art MuDA in Zürich (Switzerland), he presents seven mostly interactive installations alongside an algorithmically generated sculpture.

Raven Kwok researches aesthetics generated by algorithms and software processes. Inspired by the likes of Yugo Nakamura and Eric Jordan, he taught himself how to program in ActionScript and started to create Flash animations in his teens. In 2008, Raven was introduced to Processing, which would become his preferred tool to build intricately layered systems. A central element in Raven’s works is looking at nature’s growing mechanisms then translating them into code. This is an idea which was first ignited in his high school biology class, when he was taught the multiple stages of an onion root tip’s karyokinesis.

Raven Kwok, aka Ruiwen Guo (郭 锐文), was born in 1989 in Shanghai. In 2011, he completed his Bachelor in Photography at the Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts. In 2014, Kwok graduated from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York with a Masters degree in Electronic Arts.

Raven Kwok. Solo Exhibition at MuDA Museum of Digital Art. Zürich (Switzerland), July 18, 2020.

00:00 Derivations (2017-2018) 02:48 Portal 1.0 (2014-2019) 04:04 Rule 110 (2018-2019) 05:20 189D3 (2019-2020) 06:28 1194D (2013-2017) 07:16 Doge Chorus (2014-2020) 08:00 Works 08:51 Autotroph.OBJ (2016-2020) 10:26 Big Brothers Are Watching You (2014-2019)

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