Encountering Böcklin at Kunstmuseum Basel (3/4)

The exhibition “Böcklin Begegnet” (Encountering Böcklin) at Kunstmuseum Basel is an excellent introduction to Arnold Böcklin’s oeuvre and his time. Configured in twelve groupings, works by Arnold Böcklin (1827-1901) are juxtaposed with those of his predecessors, contemporaries and unexpectedly like-minded artists, allowing key biographical, stylistic and thematic aspects of his oeuvre to emerge.

In this video, the curator of the exhibition, Eva Reifert, talks about three groupings: 

SYMBOLIST SPECTRES with works by Arnold Böcklin, (The Plague, 1898); and Albert Welti, (Riders in the Mist, 1896).

LANDSCAPES OF THE SOUL with works by Arnold Böcklin, (Island of the Dead (First Version), 1880); and Max Ernst, (The Large Forest, 1927).

HORSE AND RIDER with works by Arnold Böcklin, (Der Kampf auf der Brücke, 1889); and Edgar Degas, (Injured Jockey, circa 1896/98)

Encountering Böcklin (Böcklin Begegnet) at Kunstmuseum Basel. Basel (Switzerland), June 15, 2020.

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