Vivian Greven / Museum Langmatt, Baden

Vivian Greven is a young German artist who currently has her first Swiss solo show in the Museum Langmatt in Baden, Switzerland. This video provides you with an exhibition walk-through and an introduction to the artist and her work by the director of Museum Langmatt, Dr Markus Stegmann (in German language, English subtitles available).

Vivian Greven draws her figures from antiquity and the Renaissance. Affection and injury, romanticism and cool distance are the diametrically opposed poles within her artworks. The figures appear to shine from the inside, as if they are inhabited by a mysterious and sometimes almost religious energy. Her pictures possess an incomparable, positively auratic radiance, and, at the same time, an extraordinary timelessness. Vivian Greven impressively demonstrates just how touching and existential painting can be in the present day.

Vivian Greven. Solo exhibition at Museum Langmatt. Baden (Switzerland), June 9, 2021.

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