Monster Chetwynd: Tears / Art Basel 2021

“Tears” is a large-scale installation and performance that the artist Monster Chetwynd created for Art Basel 2021. “Chetwynd’s sculptural installation and performance, Tears (2021), was inspired by Salvador Dalí’s jewel in form of a crying eye and can be seen as a continuation of her practice, which often involves performative works, various media, and oftentimes viewers themselves. On Messeplatz, Chetwynd will transform Dali’s precious object into a disrupted sculptural space, where so-called “Zorbs” will roll around. Performers inside these giant transparent balloons will initiate the movements, following the artist’s choreography to create a scene of drops dancing. Periodically, twi dancers in glamorous costumes will perform a scintillating sequence among the Zorbs. The project will create a moment of celebratory poetic absurdity in front of the entrance of the fair – a humorous but emphatic comment on the historical moment in which we are currently living.” (project text)

Monster Chetwynd: Tears / Art Basel 2021. Basel (Switzerland), September 21/22, 2021.

–– Right-click (Mac: ctrl-click) this link to download Quicktime video file.

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