Snowcash x CryptoWiener Exhibition

The Snowcash x CryptoWiener exhibition combines party and exhibition in the Cryptovoxels virtual world. The exhibition features artists and works such as geviennaratives, voice gems, Reeps100, Harry Yeff, Trung Bao, Sigil, Claves Angelicae, ChainFaces, NateAlex, ETH Words, Pranksy, roehrsboetsch, CryptoPunks, Meebits, and drknss. This video shows a virtual tour of the exhibition on December 30, 2021. Enter the show via:,272S,6U

SNOWCA$H is designed as a touring exhibition by Georg Bak, Daniel Baumann and a curatorial team. It will be inaugurated at Kunsthalle Zürich in October 2022. Referring to the late Cyberpunk novel Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson this exhibition takes place in a physical exhibition space as well as in multiple metaverses (multiverse). Beside the Cyberpunk narrative, the exhibition consists of several chapters encompassing the historical contexts of blockchain art and NFTs such as DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations), Encryption, Generative Aesthetics, Glitches and Loops. Pioneering computer art from 1960s will be paired with the digital art by innovators of our time. This is an exhibition, a community, and a social experiment.

CryptoWiener is a crypto collective from Vienna that was formed out of sheer curiosity and interest in Crypto, Blockchain and non fungible tokens! With CryptoWiener, the crypto-collective VRON has created a playful way to introduce a wide audience to the topic of digital art, as well as blockchain, non-fungible tokens, collectibles, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and cryptocurrencies.

Cryptovoxels is a virtual world built on the ethereum block chain. The world consists of a city called Origin City, which has streets, that are owned by The Corporation, and parcels, that are owned by individual people. If you have an ethereum wallet, you can buy a parcel. Parcel owners can build on their parcel. They can add and remove blocks (voxels) and features on their parcels. They can also make their parcel a sandbox parcel, which makes it free for anyone to build on. Features include things such as audio, buttons, images, voxel models, text, polytext (3D text), and gifs. Cryptovoxels is compatible with the Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

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