Latifa Echakhch: The Concert / Swiss Pavilion at Venice Art Biennale 2022

Latifa Echakhch: The Concert: Swiss Pavilion at the Venice Art Biennale 2022. Official description: “Latifa Echakhch creates an exhibition akin to an orchestrated time-travel experience. A rhythmic and spatial environment that allows for a counter clockwise perception of time and of one’s own body, simultaneously exploring continuity, movements, and sequences. Ephemeral sculptures inspired by the folk statuary emerge in the orches- trated lighting capturing the rhythms composed by percussionist Alexandre Babel. You can see the music, but you can’t hear it. The artist draws from the vocabulary of ephemeral chariot constructions, tackling concerns and disputes, dreams, and utopias, playing with harmonies and dissonances, with the mixed feelings of expectation, fulfilment, destruction, and memories.”

Latifa Echakhch: The Concert. Pavilion of Switzerland at the 59th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia, Venice (Italy). Pre-opening, April 21, 2022.

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