Forming Communities: Berliner Wege / Kindl Berlin

The group exhibition Forming Communities at Kindl – Centre for Contemporary Art in Berlin shows examples of the connections between artists from China, across Asia, and other parts of the world who are internationally active and based in Berlin. The result is a picture of an artistic landscape of diversity around a group of artists from Asia, which conveys the closeness and distance of the people involved on all semantic and sociological levels. Curated by Thomas Eller and Li Zhenhua, the exhibition works with formats of invitation and networking; this includes regular meetings with the participating artists during the exhibition, which are open to all visitors. The exhibition runs until February 5, 2023.

Participating artists: aaajiao 徐文恺, Ellinor Aurora Aasgaard, Cao Kefei 曹克 非, Isaac Chong Wai, Chun Shu 春树, Fan Popo 范坡坡, Han Feng 韩锋, He Xiangyu 何翔宇, Benno Hinkes, Nadia Kaabi-Linke, Liao Wenfeng 廖文峰, Elizabeth Ravn, Tobias Spichtig, Young-jun Tak 탁영준 卓永俊, Bignia Wehrli 宾雅, Regina Weiss, Yi Ke 伊可, Yi Li 一子.

Forming Communities: Berliner Wege / Kindl Berlin – Centre for Contemporary Art. Berlin (Germany), September 17, 2022.

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