The OGR Torino

For over a hundred years the OGR – Officine Grandi Riparazioni in Turin (Italy) was a workshop for trains. Now it’s a workshop for ideas, an international hub dedicated to art and technology. The late 19th century building, an important monument of Turin’s industrial history, was destined for demolition when in 2013 the Fondazione CRT purchased the 20,000 sq.m. H-shaped architectural complex and redeveloped the former train repair facility into a multipurpose cultural center. It basically consists of two areas: OGR Tech for applied research, startups and scaleups, and OGR Cult with site-specific art exhibitions, musical events and projects developed with international partners.

In this video, Massimo Lapucci, CEO of OGR Torino and Secretary General of Fondazione CRT, talks about the concept of OGR Torino, how the center is embedded in the cultural landscape of Turin and Italy, current and future projects, and his personal background.

In two separate videos, we have a look at two exhibitions at OGR Torino: US-American artist and filmmaker Arthur Jafa’s first solo show in Italy, and Ludovica Carbotta’s solo exhibition I come from outside of myself.

The OGR Torino. Interview with Massimo Lapucci. Turin (Italy), November 4, 2022.

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