Random International: Living Room / Aorist and Faena, Miami Beach

“Living Room” is the title of a new immersive and interactive work by Random International. Living Room variation 1 has been commissioned by Aorist and Faena Art and premiered in Miami Beach during Art Basel Miami Beach 2022.

Random International: Living Room / Aorist and Faena, Miami Beach. Miami Beach (Florida, USA), December 3, 2022.

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This is how Random International describe their new artwork: “Living Room explores the idea of space as a living being. Visitors are invited to enter a fluctuating architectural domain, which is itself a sentient organism embodied in light and fog. The organism uses these materials to express itself and interact with those who inhabit it. Continually altering its form in response to visitors in varying and unpredictable ways, Living Room creates a living labyrinth in real time and in real space. Living Room is a machine that allows us to choreograph a precise dynamic and sentient architecture around our audiences. The feeling we aim to create is an entire environment that ‘sees’ us, draws us in to devour us and at the same time invites us to instinctively connect with our fellow visitors and the environment around us. While the work may present itself beneficently in its relationship to visitors, there is little ambiguity as to who is in control in the dynamic between human and machine. At all times, the machine leads the dance. This can instil in the viewer a kind of navigatory dissonance, with tensions constantly at play between the solid, static, and inert and the ephemeral, transient, and animate. Leveraging blockchain technology in a revolutionary way, visitors can visualise their physical experience within the installation as a looped video, and perpetually mint and collect it on the blockchain.”

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