Julie Monot: It’s so Quiet / Art Basel Parcours Night

As part of Art Basel‘s Parcours Night, Swiss artist Julie Monot showed the piece It’s so Quiet, a performance of multiple characters that began in Basel’s Münsterplatz and then led as a procession to the Theater Basel. Julie Monot holds a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts from HEAD in Geneva (2017) and a Master’s degree in Visual Ar ts from ECAL in Lausanne (2019).

“Her artistic practice is inscribed in different mediums such as installation, sculpture, performance and video. Her research has, among other things focused, on the limit zones of bodily exteriority and its modes of representation. The notion of figure is part of her specific interests, because this notion is polysemic and shifting, but especially, because it allows a figural space, a critique on our social constructions. The accessory of transformation, the costume, the prosthesis, the body “furniture” and its objects in connection with a praxis are part of her daily reflections.” (excerpt from the artist’s website).

Julie Monot: It’s so Quiet / Art Basel Parcours Night. Basel (Switzerland), June 17, 2023.

> Right-click (Mac: ctrl-click) this link to download Quicktime video file.

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