Ash Keating / Museum Langmatt, Baden / Vernissage

The Australian artist Ash Keating (born in 1980 in Melbourne) has made an international name for himself with spectacular paintings of entire buildings and huge walls. As a child, he flew with his grandmother in a small plane over the endless scenic expanse of Australia. The intense colors between sky and earth have left a lasting impression on him.

The Museum Langmatt in Baden (Switzerland) invited Ash Keating to use one of its buildings as canvas. In a public, performative action shortly before the opening of the city festival “Badenfahrt”, Ash Keating has transformed the caretaker’s house in the Langmatt park into a huge three-dimensional painting. In the last months of its existence, the rather inconspicuous Haus Germann surprises the visitors with unexpected colorfulness before it must make way for the construction of a glass, multifunctional pavilion. Ash Keating’s exhibition at Museum Langmatt is complemented by new paintings in the park and in the museum rooms, providing a differentiated insight into the artist’s work.

Ash Keating. Solo exhibition at Museum Langmatt, Baden (Switzerland). Vernissage, August 19, 2023.

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