Raphael Bottazzini: Say My Name, Say My Name / Artachment Art Space Basel

Artachment is the name of an art space in Basel that is unusual in several respects. The tiny house, a former customs house in the harbor in the Kleinmütigen district, has been used as an exhibition space since 2007 and is currently run by Raphael Bottazzini. The house houses three permanent artworks by Roman Signer, Thylacine and Raphael Bottazzini, but also hosts temporary exhibitions.

The current exhibition features works by Raphael Bottazzini. Under the title “Say my name, say my name” it deals with the question: What is a name? In this video Raphael Bottazzini talks about the art space Artachment and the current exhibition.

Raphael Bottazzini’s exhibition series “Ich mag Salz” (I love salt) at Artachment Art Space in Basel (Switzerland) explores the question of human identity. Questions arise such as “Who am I? Who is that? Who am I for you? And who are you for me?” The artist looks into how we recognize, perceive and manifest ourselves and others – and quietly reiterates Say My Name, Say My Name. “Ich mag Salz” stands for the contribution of artists to the cultural identity of a society. The exhibition series deals with the question of how art and its authors are perceived by society and to what extent there is an awareness of the artists’ work behind the works. Artists as the “salt” of society – indispensable – self-evident?

Artachment Art Space Basel

The Artachment Art Space Basel has been showing changing exhibitions as well as permanent installations of contemporary art since 2007. The venue is an eight-square-meter former customs house (1944) in Basel’s Kleinhüningen neighborhood. The non-profit project was founded by Basel artist Raphael Bottazzini, in whose hands the unusual building has developed over the years into a work of art.

History Artachment Art Space Basel

The area on the outskirts of Basel/Switzerland in Kleinhüningen directly on the border to Germany and France. In former times, incoming ship goods were cleared here and transferred to the adjacent rail traffic (Dreiländereck CH, DE, FR / Schweizerische Rheinhäfen (SRH) / Port of Switzerland). In 1944, the port area was a restricted zone. The little house served as a monitoring center.

Artachment hosts a permanent exhibition with currently three artworks: Roman Signer’s, Platz ist in der kleinsten Hütte. Für was? Zum Fliegen natürlich; Thylacine’s (Mischa Düblin, Fabian Unold) Schein; and Raphael Bottazzini’s Bank & Stapel.

Raphael Bottazzini: Say My Name, Say My Name / Artachment Art Space Basel. Interview with Raphael Bottazzini. Basel (Switzerland), September 13, 2023.

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