LBBW Collection: New Acquisitions / Art Cologne 2023

From November 16 to 19, 2023, the LBBW Collection has been a guest at Art Cologne, presenting a selection of its new acquisitions from the last five years. The theme of the presentation, entitled “past is present is past”, is the artistic examination and processing of past events and social upheavals that, although they occurred in the past, still shape our present, our identity and our consciousness. In addition to two large-format installations by Henrike Naumann and Franz Ackermann, works by Simon Herkner, Sven Johne, Annette Kelm, Morgaine Schäfer and Tobias Zielony have been on display at LBBW’s booth at Art Cologne. There were also LBBW Art Talks in cooperation with Monopol Magazin.

Official description: The current collection presentation by LBBW explores the relevance and significance of the past in the present time and prompts us to look at the effects and influences of the past. Curated by Sarah Haberkorn, the LBBW collection exhibition showcases selected works from acquisitions made between 2018 and 2023 by Franz Ackermann, Simon Herkner, Sven Johne, Annette Kelm, Henrike Naumann, Morgaine Schäfer, and Tobias Zielony. The thematic starting points span from recent contemporary history to the First World War. Tobias Zielony documents youth cultures in East and West Germany during the post-reunification period in his photographs, while Simon Herkner delves into the historical setting of Verdun, creating his own monuments. Impressive installations like Henrike Naumann’s “Fun 2000” and Franz Ackermann’s “Helicopter No. 21” take us on various time journeys and invite contemplation on history and the present. The exhibited works underscore the complex relationship between the past and the present, shaping our understanding of the world and our identity. They draw from past events to develop new perspectives and narratives.

LBBW Collection: New Acquisitions / Art Cologne 2023. Cologne (Germany), November 18, 2023.

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