Juan Uslé: Línea Dolca 2008 – 2018, Irrefrenable, 2008 – 2018 / Art Basel 2023 Unlimited

Official description: Línea Dolca 2008 – 2018, Irrefrenable by Juan Uslé is composed of 182 photographs from the artist’s personal archive that were taken over the last decade accompanied by 12 small-scale paintings. The set of images is arranged in a line that divides the exhibition walls into segments, a lower white and an upper brown, whose color is reminiscent of Dolca, a brand of chocolate from the artist’s childhood that lends the work its name. Articulating small details, surfaces, light, and chance encounters between forms in urban scenarios and interiors, the photographs enter into dialogue with the paintings scattered among them, distilling the essence of textures and colors from the moments captured on film. While narrowing the gap between reality and fiction, photography and painting, Juan Uslé invites us to take a closer look and reorient our gaze. In collaboration with 1 Mira Madrid

Juan Uslé (born 1954 in Santander, Spain) is one of the most internationally acclaimed Spanish contemporary artists. He has developed a rich painterly oeuvre that operates in the space between pure abstraction and emotionally intense subjective expression. Uslé lives and works in New York and Saro, Spain.

Juan Uslé: Línea Dolca 2008 – 2018, Irrefrenable, 2008 – 2018 / Art Basel 2023 Unlimited. Basel (Switzerland), June 14, 2023.

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