Julien Creuzet / French Pavilion at Venice Art Biennale 2024

Julien Creuzet / French Pavilion at Venice Art Biennale 2024.
Official description: The sight of the matoutou falaise is a gift when it appears in dense forests, on the bark of the Zamana trees or the rocks of the Martinique shores. It requires a deep connection to the environment; an eye that sweeps the contours and glides over the textures. It is about appearances and disappearances, what is given, protected, and also unseen… This way of seeing is undoubtedly what Julien Creuzet strives to offer through the experience of his work. It describes an immersion in a poetry of forms and sounds, volumes and lines in movement, colourful encounters forming new languages: an experience to be lived deeply. This tarantula, endemic to Martinique, could well be the symbol of a way of being with art that history has yet to write. It nourishes, and protects, in the teaching of a sensible and poetic understanding of the world it offers a softer gaze to approach the many ecologies of life. Creuzet’s forms stem from a locus of emancipation, which must be felt to truly see. It is a moment of learning and unlearning as a reconciliation with our senses, as well as a space to be untranslated and liberated.

Julien Creuzet: Attila cataracte ta source aux pieds des pitons verts finira dans la grande mer gouffre bleu nous nous noyâmes dans les larmes marées de la lune. French Pavilion at Venice Art Biennale 2024. Venice (Italy), April 19, 2024.

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