Márton Nemes: Techno Zen / Hungarian Pavilion at Venice Art Biennale 2024

Márton Nemes: Techno Zen / Hungarian Pavilion at Venice Art Biennale 2024. April 19, 204.
Official description: Márton Nemes’ work is influenced by techno subcultures; the explosion and rearrangement of the pictorial field gives a psychedelic character to his abstract paintings that evoke the visual atmosphere of nightclubs. Combining painterly and sculptural elements, his multimedia installations create a hypnotic spatial dynamic that propels the viewer from the harsh, real world into a dizzying, fluorescent colour field. Nemes designed the project Techno Zen as an immersive, painting-based Gesamtkunstwerk that expands to other media. Laser-cut steel, car paint, enamelled steel plate, projection, DMX lights, speakers and coloured fans are the tools that he reinterprets the palette of painting with and makes the environment multisensory: its optical, acoustic and haptic content unfolds through the combined effects of light, colour, movement and sound. The project, structured in three main parts, can be fully experienced when the visitor stands in the centre of the pavilion that links left, right, front and back spaces. To be in the middle carries a symbolic meaning, it is both physical and ontological. In an era of polarized societal phenomena that exclude nuances, the project conveys a humanistic message that we, albeit its simplicity, should keep reminding ourselves of.

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