Teresa Solar Abboud: Tunnel Boring Machine (Transformation Figure), 2024

Teresa Solar Abboud: Tunnel Boring Machine (Transformation Figure), 2024. Travesía Cuatro at Art Basel 2024 Unlimited. Basel (Switzerland), June 13, 2024.

Official description: Teresa Solar Abboud’s ongoing series, ‘Tunnel Boring Machine,’ initiated in 2021, featured prominently at the 2022 Venice Biennale. It combines her deep-seated interest in the sculptural qualities of theatrical spaces with a more recent curiosity about the subterranean realm as a site of enigmatic events and encounters.

In her work, Solar Abboud alludes to material entities in states of transformation and the tension between organic and synthetic, embryonic and advanced. She wields these tensions as a conduit to suggest that they coexist in a quantum world, in a constant flow state of evolution.

The sculptures could be described as hybrid creatures, exuding a sense of slow, relentless rotation as if emerging from the earth’s depths, akin to fossils traversing the twilight of deep time.

Teresa Solar Abboud (born 1985 in Madrid) creates sculptures, drawings, and videos characterized by an interest in fiction, storytelling, natural history, ecology, and anatomy. Solar Abboud lives and works in Madrid.

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