Eva Kotatkova Performance at Art Basel 2024 Parcours

Eva Koťátková’s installation, an animated, landscape-like environment, consists of crates, costumes, and sculptures that come to life through performances including text and sound. Each act tells a different story: that of a child being bullied at school, a shrimp being boiled alive, a fish being pulled ashore, and a bush being unrooted and moved to the suburbs. The narratives are filled with both compassion and humor as well as cruelty; they call for increased empathy for all life. The crates point to the idea of the storage, of the body as an archive of memories, to bodies in migration, and to bodies aiming to leave real and metaphorical confinements behind.

Eva Koťátková was born in 1982, Prague, Czech Republic. She lives and works in Prague, Czech Republic.

Eva Kotatkova Performance at Art Basel 2024 Parcours. Hotel Rheinfelderhof, Basel (Switzerland), June 16, 2024.

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