Ed Rath / New York Contemporary: Art Times Squared / HangART-7

Among the artists selected for the HangART-7 exhibition “New York Contemporary: Art Times Squared” is Ed Rath, chosen by curator David Reed. Ed Rath talks about the paintings he shows in Salzburg and his work in general. “Although my artistic influences are widespread, I believe my oeuvre is essentially a product of the American experience. Aesthetically, my credo is democratic and pragmatic: I hold allegiance to anything that works to express the feelings I am trying to convey. This may include master works from Masaccio to Kuniyoshi, or from James Ensor to Florine Stettheimer, and anything in between.” (Ed Rath)

HangART-7, Hangar-7, Salzburg / Austria, press preview, July 7, 2006.

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