Christoph Büchel: Simply Botiful / Hauser & Wirth Coppermill / part 2/3

Christoph Buechel at Hauser Wirth Coppermill
Swiss artist Christoph Büchel works in a variety of media, including film, printed materials, sculpture and textiles, though he is perhaps best known for his conceptual projects and large-scale installation pieces… Büchel’s complex installations force his audience to participate in scenarios that are physically demanding and psychologically unsettling… Gallery visitors to Büchel’s 2005 installation ‘Hole’ at the Kunsthalle Basel were forced through small rooms connected by constricted passageways and steep ladders. (PR H&W). The exhibition Christoph Büchel: Simply Botiful runs through March 18, 2007. Hauser & Wirth Coppermill, October 13, 2006. Part 2/3.
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