Deborah Grant’s work discussed by Althea Viafora Kress and Ichiro Irie

Deborah Grant’s series are discussed by Ichiro Irie of Steve Turner Contemporary and Althea Viafora Kress. Watch, listen and puzzle out how Grant uses under ground comics, Picasso’s “Guernica”, Basquiat, and more to come together with cartoons, politics, and language in her paintings, drawing and sculpture. This important young artist has had her works shown at The Studio Museum in Harlem, PS1 Contemporary Art Center, and Roebling Hall. Scope New York 2007, February 26, 2007. Grizzly Lodge Series.

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Grizzly Lodge Series. Hosted by Althea Viafora-Kress of WPS1 MoMA Art Radio, Vernissage TV, and Scope President Alexis Hubshman.

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