Patrick Meagher / Studio Visit / part 2/4

Sitting in front of his work “Gateway” (2001), artist Patrick Meagher and VernissageTV correspondent Theodore Bouloukos talk about the aesthetics of packaging, art production and collaboration in the 21st century, and the digital component in Patrick Meagher’s work. Interview: New York correspondent Theodore Bouloukos. New York 2007, March 3, 2007. Part 2/4.

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“The broader aspect of my production investigates how new models of participatory culture are facilitated by distributed media, global visual culture and economic conditions. As life cycles of art now exist digitally in some way from start to finish within widening spheres, forums and markets for global visual culture, digital technology is integral to the development of the aforementioned outputs – both as a medium in itself as hyper-space, and a means of drawing, design and production of my work. For example, a new piece, rather than being primarily invested in a finished object, is first proposed in digital form for iteration and critique, or converted into vector formats for rapid-prototyping, and later produced on-demand in varying media, scale and location.” (excerpt from artist’s statement January 2007).

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