Kunstraum Grässlin at Art Cologne 2007 / Interview with Thomas Grässlin / part 1/2

Art Cologne has invited four new museums to exhibit in its “New Museum” section. One of them is the Kunstraum Grässlin. Kunstraum Grässlin, run by the Grässlin family and designed by the Cologne architect Lukas Baumewerd opened in June 2006 in the Black Forest town of St. Georgen, Germany (watch our video of the opening: Inauguration Kunstraum Grässlin). We met Thomas Grässlin at the museum’s booth at Art Cologne. Thomas Grässlin talks about the new exhibition space, the history of the Grässlin Collection, the concept of the exhibitions in unoccupied shops and offices in St. Georgen, the educational aspect of the collection, and future projects. Art Cologne, April 18, 2007. Part 1/2
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