Luigi Colani / Interview / part 4/4

In 1981 Luigi Colani broke a fuel saving record with a streamlined four seater car, in 2002 he completed his 7th streamlined truck. In the final part of the conversation Luigi Colani talks about fuel efficiency, the speed and efficiency records he broke at the Utah Salt Flats in Bonneville and a truck he is developing with Siemens. Karlsruhe / Germany, March 29, 2007. Interview, part 4/4.
Reviews at the New York Times, March 4, 2007 (by Phil Patton), the Observer (by Stephen Bayley), Wired (by Laura Moorhead), CarDesginNews (by Brett Patterson), and the Financial Times (by Edwin Heathcote).
Colani photos: at Flickr, VTV at Flickr and Wikipedia. Movie (from “FutureCar”, Discovery Channel, 2007): at

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