Poor Thing / Kunsthalle Basel

The exhibition Poor Thing (June 10 – September 2, 2007) at the Kunsthalle Basel brings together works by eight international artists in the historic architectural setting of the Kunsthalle Basel. Each of the artists – Karla Black, Robert Breer, Martin Heldstab, Knut Henrik Henriksen, Dagmar Heppner, Karin Hueber, Ian Kiaer, Kilian Rüthemann – have reacted individually to this location. “Some have examined the existing architectural features or the historical context of the Kunsthalle, while others have transformed the space with large-scale interventions, objects or fragile, process-based sculptures that produce altered spatial perceptions.” (PR Kunsthalle). Kunsthalle Basel, Basel / Switzerland. Long Night at Kunsthalle Basel / 5th Berlin Biennale event at the Kunsthalle Basel, Switzerland, June 11, 2007. Band: Institut fuer Feinmotorik.

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