Chen Zhen / Kunsthalle Wien / part 2/2

The homage to Chen Zhen centers around Jue Chang, Dancing Body – Drumming Mind (Last Song) (2000), (see Chen Zhen / Kunsthalle Wien / part 1/2) a monumental percussion instrument: about a hundred chairs, stools, and beds fitted with animal hides constitute an enormous playing surface challenging visitors to act. Chen’s installations are poetical landscapes, unusual material alliances, hybrids that open up passages and new connecting paths between Far Eastern traditions and Western avant-garde movements. He interweaves aspects of his self-chosen exile, his disease, and traditional Chinese medicine to produce metaphorical objects interpreting and resurveying the societal body. The exhibition runs through September 2, 2007. “Chen Zhen: The Body as Landscape”, Kunsthalle Wien, June 24, 2007. Part 2/2.

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