Zhang Huan: Berlin Buddha / Haunch of Venison Berlin

Chinese artist Zhang Huan’s exhibition “Berlin Buddha” is the first major show to take place at Haunch of Venison’s new project space in Berlin. Zhang Huan’s Berlin Buddha is a 4 metres high sculpture made from compacted ash. It sits facing the aluminium mould from which it was cast and will slowly disintegrate over the three-month course of the exhibition. The video by VTV correspondent Lizza May David shows the opening of the exhibition and the performance in which the ash Buddha’s face is being freed from the last section of the mould. Born 1965 in Henan Province, Zhang Huan studied at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. His work is represented in a number of important collections such as the Museum of Modern Art, the Guggenheim Museum and Centre Pompidou, Paris. Zhang Huan å¼ æ´¹: Berlin Buddha (September 29 – December 8, 2007). Opening reception, September 28, 2007. Video: Lizza May David.
PS: Zhang Huan: Ash at Haunch of Venison London (October 10 – November 11, 2007).
PPS: Review at Artnet.de (in German).

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