Robert Kusmirowski: DATAmatic 880 / Galerie Magazin, Berlin / Performance

For the inaugural event of Galerie Magazin in Berlin, Germany, Polish artist Robert Kusmirowski has built a computer lab from the 1960’s. “DATAmatic” is the name of the company that built the legendary computer “DATAmatic 1000” in the US in the 1959. It occupied a whole room and was used for mathematical calculations. Robert Kusmirowski’s “DATAmatic 880” never existed, but 50 years after the “DATAmatic 1000”, it was invented and constructed by Robert Kusmirowski. Vernissage TV attended the opening of the exhibition. The major part of this video consists of scenes from the performance by Robert Kusmirowski during the opening reception. The exhibition “DATAmatic 880” is the first in a long series of work. For more information we recommend having a look at the gallery’s press release. Galerie Magazin, Berlin, November 3, 2007.
PS: Have a look at our 2-part video on Robert Kusmirowski’s exhibition at the Migros Museum in Zurich.
Update (11/17/2008): Robert Kusmirowski at we make money not art.

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