VernissageTV Classics (r3): Robert Kusmirowski: DATAmatic 880 / Performance (2007)

The Polish artist Robert Kusmirowski is known for his elaborate installations and performances. For the Barbican Center in London he created a replica of a World War Two-era bunker (Bunker, 2010). In Zürich he tranformed the Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst in an old Soviet Union training camp (2006).

For the inaugural event of Galerie Magazin in Berlin (now Zak Branicka), Germany, on 3rd November 2007, the Polish artist built a computer lab from the 1960s. DATAmatic is the name of the company that built the legendary computer DATAmatic 1000 in the US in the 1959. Robert Kusmirowski’s DATAmatic 880 never existed, but 50 years after the DATAmatic 1000, it was invented and constructed by Robert Kusmirowski. The major part of this video consists of scenes from the performance by Robert Kusmirowski during the opening reception.

This is the sixth segment in our series r3 that highlights the treasures of VernissageTV’s huge archive. R3 is a series of VernissageTV classics, now re-mastered, re-edited and reissued in High Definition. Click here for the complete list of videos.

PS: Here’s the original version. More Robert Kusmirowski-related videos are available here.

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Complete video (9:26 min.):

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