Enrico David: Bulbous Marauder / Galerie Daniel Buchholz, Köln

In his second solo show at Daniel Buchholz Gallery the Italian artist Enrico David (*1966) is presenting a installation and some gouaches.
A shapely painting by Frank Stella hanging in the Museum Ludwig, Cologne, leading to a small team of harlequins brandishing blood thirsty, shit seeking, nodulous clubs.
A series of independent Italian literary fanzines published between 1963 and 1979. One of them, originally named GEIGER, is renamed DIRTY CLUBS. This is done so that the front cover of issue No. 1 can function as a time-space portal, through which the harlequins will travel back to 1972.
Protruding, drooping forms, saggy yet firm, sublimate in the creation of festive lanterns, a suffocating, incongruous, wordless, Bulbous Marauder. Floating in space is a blacked out, featured effigy in skirt and bonnet. Grinning perpetually, in an unknown cry for help, is a testimony to the very thing that constitutes a defence against itself.
The show is on display from March 14 until April 19, 2008. Opening, March 14, 2008. By vtv correspondent Thom de Bock.

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