Enrico David: How do You Love Dzzzzt by Mammy? / Museum für Gegenwartskunst Basel

Enrico David’s solo show at the Museum für Gegenwartskunst in Basel titled bears the cryptical title How do You Love Dzzzzt by Mammy? The exhibition circles around just a few elements: Two photographs showing two small boys occupied with a piano – one of them the artist himself – and a portrait of a man. A second installation presents a room with a scene based on the Surrealist photo collage vielle femme et enfant (ca. 1935) by Dora Maar.

Enrico David, born in 1966 in Ancona, lives and works in London. His work (sculptures, gouaches, embroideries, photographs and installations) features a broad spectrum of cultural reference systems, including Arte Povera, assemblage, set design and graphic art motifs from the 1920s and 30s, as well as numerous literary sources and elements from craft tradition.

The exhibition title How Do You Love Dzzzzt by Mammy? refers to an uncertainty that is encountered all through life. When Enrico David is asked about the meaning of the title, he replies that the question about the meaning is what the title is about. “Bit by bit, life robs you of certainty. There can never be any fixed path”.

Enrico David: How do You Love Dzzzzt by Mammy? Press preview, Museum für Gegenwartskunst Basel. January 6, 2009. The exhibition runs until the 3th May 2009.

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