Stella Hamberg: Liebe Hölle (Dear Hell) / Galerie Eigen + Art, Leipzig

Leipzig is just an hour away from Berlin, so it’s great that the Walkabout of the Spinnerei-Galleries in Leipzig (Frühjahrsrundgang 2008 – PDF) opened just a day before the Gallery Weekend in Berlin. And it’s very practical for the collectors. The weather was as nice as the Bratwurst and the beer (fresh from the Black Forest), the crowd was happy and the drivers of the VIP shuttle service looked like Mafiosi. The first gallery at the Spinnerei we visited was Galerie Eigen + Art. Gerd Harry Lybke presented new works by a young German sculptor, Stella Hamberg (born 1975, lives and works in Berlin). The exhibition, entitled “Liebe Hölle” (dear hell), presents sculptures from 2007 and 2008. It shows the larger-than-life bronces “Berserker” and the relief “Sieben Millionen” (seven million). “Again it is all about the connection of the archaic and the contemporary and the relation of man and world.” (Stella Hamberg). Galerie Eigen + Art, Leipzig. Opening, (part of the Rundgang / Walkabout of the Spinnerei-Galleries Leipzig), May 1, 2008.

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