Sarah Morris: 1972 / Lenbachhaus, Munich

This is the second time (since /Robert Towne/, 2005) that Sarah Morris decided to shift her lens from the wide panoramic view of a city to an intimate portrait of an individual citizen of that city. Georg Sieber was the head psychologist of the Olympic Police and the Munich Police in 1972.
Sieber was hired by the International Olympic Committee and Munich Police to project possible scenarios that would jeopardize the safety of the Olympic Games and prepare the security training that they would require. Contrary to the common perception that the Germans were not prepared, Sieber exposes a very different analysis of what occurred that day. Curated by Matthias Muehling. Sarah Morris: 1972, Lenbachhaus, Munich. By VTV correspondent Gürsoy Dogtas.
PS: Interesting article (in German) at Telepolis.

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