ArteBregaglia / part 1/2

ArteBregaglia is an art project that brings contemporary art to the Bergell, a valley situated on the driving route from Milan in Italy to St. Moritz in Switzerland. It’s a valley of Italian language and alpine culture on the southern border of Switzerland. For ArteBregaglia 13 artists have been visiting and exploring the Bergell. In this video – the first part of our tour – we have a look at the works of Ursula Palla, Michael Günzburger, Pfelder, Chiara Dynys, Patricia Jegher.
ArteBregaglia, An art course from Maloja to Chiavenna July 5 – September 21 2008. September 9, 2008. Part 1/2.

ArteBregaglia / part 2/2

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Ursula Palla opens the art trail in the tower Belevedere in Maloja with laughter, echoing over the valley, sounding from an audio-visual installation. Michael Günzburger created subtle and poetic drawings that are decorating a room in the tower and several restaurants of the valley. German artist Pfelder wanted to furnish a “room with a view” in the ruins of an ancient hotel, which was erected by the Belgian Count de Renesse, with three bivouac-like accomodations (only the mockups have been realized). Chiara Dynyz created a model of the Gothic church ruin Gaudenzio with two letterings: Bellezza (beauty) and Sobrietí  (sobriety, modesty). In Vicosoprano, Patricia Jegher invites the visitors to the “Hotel Helvetia” to remind them of the ancient Hotel Helvetia, which served as an internment home for refugees.

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