Hochrhein Triennale 2021

The subject matter of the first edition of the Hochrhein Triennale is mobility. The cross-border public art exhibition in the neighboring communities Hohentengen a. H. in Germany and Kaiserstuhl in Switzerland features works by the artists Sanna Reitz & Konstantin Friedrich, Brigitte Dätwyler and Lena Maria Thüring, Sophia Pompéry, Mayo Irion, Eric Hattan, Adrian Flury, Luzia Hürzeler, Johannes Vogl, Lin Yilin, Esther Kempf, Sophie Innmann, Pfelder, Natalie Obert, Paloma Ayala, Marinka Limat, Simon Pfeffel, Michael Meier & Christoph Franz, and Haus am Gern.

Using artistic means, the triennial’s aim is to deal with old and new commonalities, mutual dependencies, and ways of responding to shared challenges: How does the population deal with increasing commuter traffic and shopping tourism? How do people on both sides of the Rhine react to noise pollution from air traffic, the announcement of a nuclear waste repository, the use of natural resources, the tension between very rural areas and the nearby conurbation of Zurich, old and young, migration?

The Hochrhein Triennale was initiated by Mechthild Wagner and Daniel Hertli and is a production of the association Kulturbrücke. Alain Jenzer and Franz Krähenbühl are responsible for the concept and artistic direction. The triennial complements the cross-border sculpture trail that was inaugurated in Hohentengen a. H. and Kaiserstuhl in 2000.

Hochrhein Triennale 2021. Kaiserstuhl (Switzerland) and Hohentengen a. H. (Germany), July 27, 2021.

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