Julia Stoschek Collection. Number Two: Fragile / Interview with Julia Stoschek / part 1/2

“Number Two: Fragile” is the title of the second exhibition of works from the Julia Stoschek Collection. This time collector Julia Stoschek put together an exhibtion that focuses on corporeality in videos, installations and photography. The 54 works in the show were selected to shed light on the themes of self-dramatization, pain, transformation, physicality and fragility.
On the occasion of the opening of “Number Two: Fragile” Julia Stoschek sat down with VernissageTV’s Karolina Zupan-Rupp to talk about the new exhibition and her collection. In the first part of the interview, Julia Stoschek talks about the concept behind “Fragile” and the three major installations of the show: Mika Rottenberg’s “Cheese” (2007) and “Dough” (2005/06), being shown together for the first time; Janet Cardiff and Georges Bures Miller’s “The Killing Machine” (2007); and Terence Koh’s installation “Snow White” that was created specifically for “Number Two: Fragile”. The fairy-tale inspired “Snow White” consists of a room with a cube of neon tubes suspended from the ceiling, a glass coffing, porcelain chrysanthemums and a live performance recorded in the same room in which Julia Stoschek and Terence Koh are the protagonists.
Interview with Julia Stoschek, Julia Stoschek Collection, Düsseldorf / Germany. October 11, 2008. Part 1/2.

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