Never-Ever Land / Design Miami Basel 2009

At Design Miami Basel 2009 Natalie Kovacs curated a show for Carpenters Workshop Gallery entitled Never-Ever Land. Located at the Design Miami entrance, Never-Ever land presented an alternative functional sculpture garden, “exploring the possibility for design to entertain, enliven and enlighten”. Among the pieces on display were the Sensory Deprivation Skull by Atelier van Lieshout, the Mountain Chair by Marc Quinn, the aluminium bench Spaghetti Corten by Pablo Reinoso. Another work by Atelier van Lieshout is the Mini Capsule Hotel. The Mini Capsule Hotel is a self-operated hotel that can house up to 6 couples “in a straightforward lodging, not unlike hutches for rabbits”. Brad Pitt bought the piece for his kids, by the way. In this video, Raphaele Shirley talks with curator Natalie Kovacs about the Mini Capsule Hotel and the concept of her exhibition Never-Ever Land.

Design Miami Basel 2009. Basel / Switzerland, June 8, 2009.

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