Holbein to Tillmans at Schaulager Basel / Exhibition Walkthrough

This is a walk through the exhibition “Holbein to Tillmans – Prominent Guests from the Kunstmuseum Basel” that is on show at Schaulager in Basel, Switzerland. The exhibition brings together about 200 works from the museum of fine arts (Kunstmuseum) in Basel.

Among the works on display are Allegory of Folly by Rodney Graham, Erasmus von Rotterdam by Hans Holbein the Younger, Das mutige Weib by Ferdinand Hodler, White Fire II by Barnett Newman, Anders pulling splinter from his foot by Wolfgang Tillmans. The exhibition was curated by Theodora Vischer and runs until October 4, 2009.

Holbein to Tillmans – Prominent Guests from the Kunstmuseum Basel, Schaulager Basel. Exhibition walkthrough, April 2/3, 2009.

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“Imagine that dozens of works leave their everyday lives for a time, removed for several months from the traditional arrangement of the museum and placed somewhere unfamiliar to them. At Schaulager, they find a very special kind of accommodation.

The concept of the exhibition Holbein to Tillmans is based on consciously choosing to look at selected paintings, no matter whether they are old or new, with today’s eyes. From this contemporary perspective, unexpected connections between paintings emerge and reveal that certain themes and questions can become topical again and again.” (Excerpt from the press release).

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