Navid Tschopp: Sigi Feigel Sonata / Interactive Concert

How does it sound, when an artist marks a terrace with staves and the passersby serve as notes? Swiss artist Navid Tschopp has tested it with his art intervention Sigi Feigel Sonata.

Swiss artist Navid Tschopp is known for his art interventions and performances such as Topological Agenda and his Weihnachtsaktion zur Finanzkrise (Christmas Campaign on the Financial Crisis). Navid Tschopp’s work Sigi Geigel Sonata bears its name from the place the intervention is happening at. The Sigi Feigel Terrace is a place near Gessnerbrücke in Zürich. Navid Tschopp uses white color to mark the terrace with staves. Passersby sitting on the steps of the terrace and changing places serve as notes that form a composition, interpreted by musicians. In the case of the third act that VernissageTV taped, the composition was interpreted by Niels van der Waerden on piano. Thus, there’s a direct interaction taking place between the audience and the musician.

Sigi Feigel Sonata by Navid Tschopp is an interactive concert in 4 acts. The work is part of a series of projects at Sigi Feigel Terrace titled “Zürich am Meer” by KunstRaum R57. R57 is a non-commercial space for exhibitions, events, performances, installations, and readings.

Navid Tschopp: Sigi Feigel Sonate / Sigi Feigel Terrace, Zürich / Switzerland. 3rd act, July 20, 2010.

The above video is an excerpt, full-length version is below.

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Full-length version (14:45 min.):

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