Wolfgang Ganter and Kaj Aune: Trash (2010) / Frieze Sculpture Park 2010

“Art-Lovers flock for rubbish” was the title of short report by a UK online magazine, covering Frieze Art Fair. Although this may be a bit exaggerated, it’s safe to say that “Trash”, an installation by Wolfgang Ganter and Kaj Aune, was one of the most popular pieces of Frieze Art Fair’s outdoor sculpture show.

Most of the time seemingly just a pile of trash that people dumped in a corner of Regent’s Park, despite a sign that says “illegal dumping of rubbish of any kind is forbidden and legal action will be taken” (well, it’s written in German…), the pile awakens at certain times, emits sound, takes off, diffuses smoke, and calms down again.

The installation had its premiere at Vittorio Manalese, an offshoot of Berlin-based gallery Contemporary Fine Arts. Its creators are Wolfgang Ganter and Kaj Aune. Kaj Aune was born in 1978 in Oslo, Norway. He studied Composition at the Royal Academy of Music, Denmark and received working scholarships from the Danish Art Foundation 2007, 2008 and 2009. He is working with sound, videos, performances and installations.
Wolfgang Ganter was Born in 1978 in Stuttgart, Germany. He studied Fine Arts with the professors Andreas Slominski and Anselm Reyle at Staatliche Akademie deer Bildenden Künste Karlsruhe. In 2010 he had residencies at the Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris and at the Silvia and Helmut Wickleder Stiftung, Schloss Leinzell. Solo exhibitions include Sunscreen at Ferenbalm-Grubü Station, Karlsruhe, and Accidentanalysis at Maud Piquion, Berlin.

Wolfgang Ganter / Kaj Aune: Trash (2010). Installation / performance at Frieze Sculpture Park 2010. London / UK, October 13/14, 2010.

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