Under Destruction. Group Show at Museum Tinguely, Basel

The exhibition “Under Destruction” at Museum Tinguely in Basel / Switzerland presents works by twenty internationally known contemporary artists that have the subject matter “destruction” as common theme. Despite of the common theme, the works are very diverse: From loud artworks such as Martin Kersels’ “Tumble Room” (2001) to silent pieces such as Nina Beier and Marie Lund’s “History makes a Young Man Old (2008). “Martin Kersels Tumble Room (2001), takes humour to a more spectacular, if acrobatic level. For this piece, Kersels had a room constructed, outfitted it with all the accoutrements of a little girl, and placed it on a mechanism, which rotated the entire room end over end, until it gradually turned the somersaulting contents into dust…. Nina Beier and Marie Lund’s History makes a Young Man Old (2008), departs from the theme of technology and uses performance to facilitate a sense of deterioration wrought by time and use. For this piece, the artists’ take turns rolling a crystal ball from wherever it is purchased in the city of an exhibition venue to the exhibition site itself. This powerful but economic work stages a loss of clarity, brought on through an attrition that is determined by forces beyond its control.”

The participating artists are Nina Canell: Perpetuum Mobile (40 kg) (2009-2010), Pavel Büchler: Modern Paintings (1999-2000), Johannes Vogl: Untitled (Machine to produce jam breads, 2007, Monica Bonvicini: Plastered (1998), Ariel Orozco: Doble Desgaste (2005), Michael Landy: Breakdown (2001), Arcangelo Sassolino: Untitled (2007), Liz Larner: Corner Basher (1988), Jonathan Schipper: The Slow Inevitable Death of American Muscle (2007-2008), Christian Marlcay: Guitar Drag (2000), Roman Signer: Rampe (ramp, 2008), Nina Beier and Marie Lund: History makes a Young Man Old (2008) (rolling a crystal ball), Kris Martin: 100 years (2004) (bomb), Ariel Schlesinger: Bubble Machine (2006), Alex Hubbard: Cinéopolis (2007), Martin Kersels: Tumble Room (2001), Jimmie Durham: St. Frigo (1996), Alexander Gutke: The White Light of the Void (2002), Michael Sailstorfer.

The exhibition runs until January 23, 2011.

Under Destruction. Destruction in contemporary art. Museum Tinguely, exhibition walkthrough, October 27, 2010.

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Under Destruction

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