MINILAND at Mitterrand + Cramer Design, Geneva

Galerie Mitterrand + Cramer in Geneva Switzerland, in collaboration with StonetouCH, an exclusive Swiss company working uniquely with Swiss stone, have put together the exhibition MINILAND, proposed by designer Claudio Colucci. Artists Pierre-André Bohnet, Claude Colucci, Vincent Du Bois, Sylvie Fleury, Christian Ghion and Atelier Oí¯ contributed their artistic approaches to the theme and chosen materials. The pieces presented are inspired by Japanese Zen gardens, blending contemporary sculpture and eastern tranquility. Every object was conceived in one of the Swiss stones and natural ball moss was incorporated into the crevices, where allowed.

MINILAND: in collaboration with StonetouCH / Mitterand + Cramer Design / Geneva Switzerland, November 14, 2010. Video by Daniel Barney.

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