Massimo Bartolini: Collection / Interview

Many art lovers still remember Massimo Bartolini’s spectacular installation “Organi” at the last Art Unlimited in Basel. In collaboration with Stefano Arienti, he explored the collection of the Museion in Bolzano, Italy. Just as Stefano Arienti, Massimo Bartolini contributed a specific work to the exhibition -2+3 The Museion Collection.

Massimo Bartolini focuses on a specific aspect of the Museion’s collection, video art. He conceived an installation that produces multiple moving projections that create an immersive experience for the visitor. Positioned on the shelves of two revolving bookshelves, several projectors show films of various videos in the Museion collection. The films were shot while the exhibition was being set up, “meaning that every video has taken on the context of its projection and history. In this case the noises, the film of the film and the reproduction of the setting for the screening represent value that is added to the works of art.” In this video, Massimo Bartolini talks about the idea behind this piece.

Massimo Bartolini: Collection / Interview with Massimo Bartolini. -2+3. Stefano Arienti Massimo Bartolini: The Museion Collection. Museion Bolzano (Bozen), Italy, October 28/29, 2010.

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