Jennifer Rubell: Just Right. Interactive Food Installation at the Rubell Family Collection, Miami

Just Right is Jennifer Rubell’s food art project for this year’s Art Basel. The interactive food installation is located in a derelict house just behind the Rubell Family Collection. To access it, the visitors have to slip through a hole broken into the back wall of the Collection’s courtyard. Inside the abandoned-looking house, hundreds of bowls, spoons, napkins, and dozens of crockpots containing porridge wait for the guests. Why is the title of the installation “Just Right”? Because there are no options: the size of the bowl, the shape of the spoon, the temperature of the porridge, are all specifically chosen, they are just right.

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Jennifer Rubell: Just Right (2010). Opening, December 1, 2010. Rubell Family Collection, Miami / USA.

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Jennifer Rubell: Just Right

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