Olaf Metzel: 2010… / Galerie Bernd Klüser 2, Munich / Interview

“Jimi Hendrix”, “Susan Sontag”, “Gegenkultur”, “Der kommende Aufstand”, “XXX” and “2010”… are the titles of the works that Olaf Metzel presents in his new exhibition at Galerie Bernd Klüser 2 in Munich / Germany. These are new works of the years 2010 and 2011. Typical for Metzel’s work is the social and political provoking aspect. Important for him is the examination with print media and the endless flood of pictures we’re swamped with. Sources for his sculptures are subjects from popular music, art, culture and politics. Metzel’s pictures are reliefs. Using new, digital techniques, plates of aluminium were printed with Sujets on both sides. These plates were then crooked and twisted to make them look like a creasy newspaper. Olaf Metzel is a German sculptor and object artist. He was born 1952 in Berlin and is now living and working in Munich.

Olaf Metzel: 2010… at Galerie Bernd Klüser 2, Munich. Opening reception and interview, February 3, 2010. Interview: Gudrun Gruber. By VernissageTV correspondent Lisa Voelter.

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